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The Okina Kashi no Karate-jutsu System establishes the following: Above all else providing a Safe training environment is always our primary focus.

First - The recognition and belief that a person’s faith and their family life are paramount that martial arts training and beliefs are not to supplant anyones personal belief systems, that the persons faith is one guaranteed by the United States Constitution and International Law where people of all beliefs and faiths are to be respected. That martial arts are taught as an adjunct to and enhancement of a persons life. As this is the first and most important aspect of our training that if a student has a family or religious event that they are expected to be at the event and not in class. The Okina Kashi no believes that a person’s faith is their families and the students personal business; that the Dojo is not a place to serve as a pulpit where an instructor is allowed to minister to a captured audience. It is the responsibility of all the instructors to ensure that if any student, visitor, visiting instructor or either disparrages or denegrades another persons faith that that person will be invited to leave the dojo immediately. None of the instructors are permitted to violate the trust that is shared by student and instructor by the instructor forcing their personal religious or anti-religious views on anyone. The Dojo is a place to train and grow in the martial arts not a place for a Sunday service...Any Okina Kashi no Ryu instructor observed doing so will be asked to leave and their status as an instructor will be evaluated at a later date.

Second - School and School related activities that provide a student with a path to a scholarship that will aid in higher education will take precedene over any martial arts training. To ensure that a student is not impacted in their educational persuits that they will not test or be awarded a full Black Belt rank until their 18th Birthday. If a student is at such a technical/physical, mental and spiritual maturity that they can accommodate an early test that it be petitioned by the current Yudansha with the students parents permission that the student be tested at their 16th or 17th birthday. (As a note the trend of issuing a Black Belt to a student that is under 18 is being overturned as instructors are finding that a students maturity level and physicality do not match the responsibility of the rank issued)

Third - Training in Okina Kashi no Ryu is an important aspect of a person's life but should be practiced with balance and not to interfere with a persons life. Our system of Karate teaches that there should be balance in not only how one fights or spars but in how a person lives their life. So Karate should not be the only focus or only thing a person does outside of home or school.